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About Us

My name is Sarika Sharma, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I offer, through my mentor, face to face and distance psychic tarot readings, through phone, skype or whatsapp calls.
I am currently under Mr Francoi's mentorship and training, in dowsing, tarot  and psychic readings as well as numerology.Mr Francois is currently practicing in the UK and currently works for Psychic today TV show. (https://psychictoday.uk/readers/search/francois), as well as having his own full time private practice.

What some of our clients say:

"Having regular sessions with Francois has been invaluable to my life. I suffered from many issues including physical assault and depression for many years and really couldn't see a way out. Seeing Francois has allowed me to heal from these traumas in a healthy way and empowered me to live my life freely and positively. I have learned so much about life and myself from Francois, and I trust him and his abilities completely. I can't thank you enough for helping me move on from things that had been affecting me for years, and helping me move onto the next phase of my life where I feel excited, hopeful and finally free. Thank you. Mandeep."

Mandeep. (Thailand)

(Mandeep had remote healing sessions as well as one to one sessions)

Hi Francois and Sarika

Just a note to say a great thank you for the reading last Thursday. Your analysis regarding numerology in my case was absolutely astonishing and very accurate. 

The other aspects of the reading were most helpful and I came away with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Your time and patience are also appreciated

Ginie (October 2017)

Seldom have I come across someone like François. But I have to be honest. When I first came to his home 10 years ago, I was a bit skeptical and cautious. I had had a strange experience with a medium just before and I was not really at ease. An awfully big number of mediums/tarot readers are driven by their ego and they project onto you their own fears. However, after few minutes of conversation, I understood I was in front of a very different kind of spirit. François was soft-spoken, very careful with his words and more of an adviser and good friend than somebody imposing his views.

It is only recently that I came across the notes from this reading. He was spot on all along the way and the last 10 years had followed the course he had sensed. I now live abroad and our recent Skype session just reminded me how talented François is. He managed to go the heart of my current issues with precision and kindness giving me precious insights on the course to take to achieve my full potential. His instant access to his spiritual guides added a lot of value to the tarot reading and the details that were shared were outstanding in their accuracy. I was wowed, once again.

I can only thank the Higher Intelligence for getting me to cross his path. Thank you François: you have all my gratitude.
Fatiha . France
(January 2017)

I would like to write a testimonial to describe my experiences 

with Francois's dowsing classes. My dowsing journey wasn't 

obvious at first. It suddenly occurred to me after a period of time

I had various dowsing work done by Francois. What fascinated me 

was that one can dowse for information on different topics and 

subsequently use the pendulum as a healing tool to neutralise 

different energy patterns attached to oneself causing problems

in one's life. Miraculous and Brilliant !  

So far I have had about 20 classes with Francois 

taking me step at the time how to use this tool correctly.  

I have only been dowsing since June 2016 but I already 

understand as simple as it may seem to dowse what a complex

subject it is, and indeed it required a qualified and experienced teacher.

I highly recommend Francois to anyone who is sincere about learning

this skill properly as in my opinion and as a witness he is a true 

professional in this field. From London, Goodmayes. Mr Jiri Smid.